Why Solar Power In Alberta?

Our sun is a continuous source of free energy, which can be captured by the use of commercially available solar panels even without perfect weather conditions. Solar panels attract solar beams and convert these rays into electrical energy for use within a local energy grid.

SolAgra Canada is a firm proponent that solar energy can contribute significantly to addressing the current challenges regarding today’s energy needs  and imminent climate change. Many countries are aiming to reduce their CO2 emissions while achieving greater energy independence and solar energy is uniquely suited to acheive this in Alberta. 

Southern Alberta has a perfect climate for solar technology. SolAgra has obtained information from multiple third parties to verify the solar potential in Alberta: 

  • Alberta has over 25 percent higher solar irradiance than Ontario, which is currently Canada’s largest solar market, and a 30 percent higher irradiance than in most parts of Germany, the world leader in solar PV development. (From a report published by KMPG 2014. Alberta’s future energy mix: Exploring the potential for renewables) 
  • and has flat land that requires little to no grading, keeping installation costs low in comparison with uneven or rocky terrain.



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