SolAgra Advantage

Making a difference

SolAgra Canada has identified an opportunity to develop renewable energy in areas of southern Alberta in a manner which is neither cost prohibitive nor dependent on government funding in order to be profitable.

The SolAgra Canada advantage identifies areas of land which remain under-utilized by the farming community, yet possess all of the necessary infrastructure for a solar energy system – a turn-key solution.

Benefits to our customers

SolAgra Canada offers exceptional efficiency and reliability in safe renewable electricity generation to our customers in agriculture as well as the public and private sectors. This project is highly scalable, and volumes can be customized to suit needs ranging from 1 MW to 70 MW.  Advantages of solar generation include:

  • reduced reliance on non-renewable fuels protection from increasing distribution transmission and carbon credit costs reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • potential for extra income through sales of surplus power and tax credits
  • and creation of new jobs for local communities.

Additionally by introducing solar energy, farming customers will increase self-sufficiency, protect their natural resources, and maximize productivity of under-utilized land.

SolAgra Canada advantage

Our patented technology combines existing infrastructure, ideal location and unused farmland to generate renewable energy for personal use and resale.

  • The solar panels work within common agricultural practices of center pivot irrigation to power irrigation and use “waste” land.
  • It causes no damage to the root systems of native grasses or ground cover on “wasted” portions of land.
  • This solution system can be removed with no footprint should a viable agricultural use be found for the land and re-purposed on another “wasted” area.
  • Excess renewable energy can also be resold via the grid depending on the regulatory framework of the location of the system.                                                        


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