Our Story

SolAgra Canada Inc. was founded in 2014 by owners Darren Bruins and Kurt Vouri, based on the vision and inspiration of the late Gordon Bruins who saw an opportunity to improve the utilization of land and availability of renewable energy.

SolAgra is a renewable energy developer that facilitates the production of solar energy through the use of hybrid technologies, incorporating both solar panels and natural gas.

Our vision is to be a leader in sustainable economic development in Alberta, with a series of renewable energy projects that will provide long term stable returns to investors, while generating clean and cost effective electricity for customers. Our mission is to develop and operate scalable solar energy farms on unused sections of farmland in Alberta. We are a team looking to leave a legacy and make a long lasting positive impact on the Alberta economy.

As Alberta moves toward diversifying it’s energy sources, SolAgra has a patent pending renewable solar energy solution that capitalizes on the unique advantages of southern Alberta. Our approach is to set up solar panels on land that is not usable for farming yet contains all the necessary infrastructure for a power generation facility including the flexibility to have constant natural gas back up generation.

This idea can be credited to the late Gordon Bruins, who publicly stated that “irrigation and other developments have provided an overbuilt electrical infrastructure in southern Alberta which is, at best, under-utilized for 10 months of each year. Agri-business can and should leverage this to diversify revenue and reduce risk. It is ready to go.”

SolAgra Canada wants to partner with local companies and farmers who have an interest in renewable energy or who are seeking protection from increasing carbon and transmission costs. We are seeking:

  • farmers and businesses to host solar panels,
  • investors to finance this project,
  • and customers to purchase the generated energy.

Our Team

Darren Bruins

President & CEO

President & CEO and one of the founding executives, Darren is highly motivated by the opportunity to empower agri-business in the province of Alberta. He spearheads SolAgra Canada’s continued development and innovation, and is focused on providing renewable energy to Albertans.

Darren earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta and brings more than 20 years of energy industry experience in the maintenance and operation of utility infrastructure in Alberta. He has held senior executive positions with many successful energy and IT companies.  Throughout his career, Darren has actively led managing national information technology assets in a deregulated environment. Darren also represents the fourth generation landholder of original homestead property in southeast Alberta, with a legacy of more than 100 years of true stewardship of land.

Kurt Vouri

Senior Director

Senior Director and one of the founding executives, Kurt is responsible for driving SolAgra Canada’s continued growth through initiating and developing projects and business opportunities across Alberta.

Kurt has more than 25 years of development and operational experience in the technology, telecommunications, and oil & gas service sectors. During his career, he has developed and sold two successful start-ups based on the use of deregulation as a catalyst to success. 

Kurt earned his “real life” MBA while working at MetroNet communications He was the 19th employee and built the company to over 2500 people across Canada, eventually selling it to ATT US.  He has held several senior management positions and his diverse expertise includes building marketing and business plans (growth and revenue strategy) for IT and telecommunications projects, and leading over 2500 employees in 7 major Canadian cities. 

Jennifer Schurer

VP of Business Development

Jennifer has always had a passion for renewable energy and plays a key role at SolAgra, creating financial models, performing industry research, and communicating with stakeholders, among other roles. Kurt and Darren first engaged Jenn as a Senior Business Consultant and Subject Matter Expert, and soon realized they needed to make her a part of the team. It was SolAgra’s first big win when Jenn came aboard.

Years of experience at ATCO Power in both operations and business development have equipped Jenn with an extensive knowledge of the deregulated Alberta electricity market. She has prepared and presented business cases and analyses to management teams regarding cogeneration, distributed generation, contract extensions, coal plant optimization, solar systems implementation, geothermal generation and residential energy sales.

Jenn holds a finance degree from the University of Calgary, and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. She has worked at several large firms, including Chevron and ATCO, gaining invaluable experience in the energy industry. Jenn is an active volunteer with the CPA Financial Literacy program in Alberta, Junior Achievements Economics for Success program, and a finance tutor for college and university students.

Nick Beuglet

Chief Financial Officer

Nick has recently joined the SolAgra team as a Business Consultant. Prior public company experience as part of senior management has provided Nick with the financial expertise to provide financial knowledge and guidance to Solagra.

Nick holds a bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor, and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. He earned his designation while working for KPMG and went on to work for a large public company. He gained valuable corporate experience from such roles as VP Risk and Compliance, Corporate Controller and Business Development Superior Plus Corp a division of Superior Propane.

Gordon Bruins

Founding Visionary

(1937 – 2012)

During his lifetime, Gordon was a pioneer in developing technology and enabling agribusiness in Alberta.

Gordon had an extraordinary vision for agribusinesses in southern Alberta. For more than 10 years, he was actively involved as a board member of the South Alta REA (now EQUS REA LTD), a member of the provincial Irrigation Council, and a member of the Cypress County board of administrators. In addition, his leadership in the agro-industrial business is still felt from generation to generation.




403 455 0382 or info@solagracanada.com

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